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In order to respond to the needs of its clients, M MILENARES has the technical means to provide the following services:

  • Rental of equipment for waste packaging;

  • Selective collection and transport of waste to the RCD Receiving and Recycling Center;

  • Selective collection and transport of waste directly to authorized destinations (global waste management of construction debris);

  • Reception, sorting and recovery of waste;

  • Temporary storage of waste for recovery / disposal;

  • Recycling RCDs (crushing and sieving);

  • CE marking of recycled aggregates (recycled tout-venant).


For the proper packaging of the waste in the worksite or in the industrial premises of the costumer, M MILENARES has Big-bags and a wide variety of metal containers of 6, 8, 15, 20 and 30 m3.


M MILENARES assures and coordinates the waste picking service using a duly qualified Human Resources Team and a large fleet transportation means, with a large capacity to respond to highly demanding logistic situations.

  • Vehicles with or without crane, for the collection of metal containers;
  • "Bath" type vehicles with tilting system for bulk transport of large quantities;
  • Light-duty waste transport vehicles (big-bags).